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What is Milk Stash?

Milk Stash is a breastmilk storage system composed of:
- Universal-fit bottles
- Refrigerator/freezer tray 
- Integrated iPhone app

Together, these components make pumping, storing and tracking breastmilk easy. 


What's included in one Milk Stash kit?

A single kit includes one (1) Milk Stash tray and eight (8) 5-ounce bottles. The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store. 


What are the Milk Stash bottles like?

We designed our bottles to fit perfectly with the Milk Stash tray. Our bottles are BPA-free, shatter-proof and made 100% in the U.S.


Which pumps and nipples does Milk Stash fit with?

Milk Stash fits any pump or bottle with a thread size of 40mm. This will fit most standard Medela and Ameda pumps.


Will the Milk Stash fit my refrigerator or freezer?

Chances are, yes! We measured an assortment of refrigerators to make sure the tray fit universally. If in doubt, here are the dimensions: W: 4.75, L: 10.25, H: 5.75 inches.


Who can you give access to in the app?

Anyone you'd like! The account owner (i.e. the mother) can grant access to any caregiver, whether it's a spouse, babysitter or grandparent. 


How do I buy a Milk Stash system?

We're currently running a KickStarter to raise funds for production. This means that you can purchase a Milk Stash kit at a discounted price now and receive it if and when we start producing. If our KickStarter doesn't reach its funding goal, you get your money back!


What if I want to use the app and create a DIY system?

You're more than welcome to! The more people Milk Stash can help, the better.