Milk Stash - About Us

Our cause

They call it liquid gold. Anyone who has ever been a mother knows the value of breastmilk. Every little drop is priceless. In the age of 1-hour delivery and endless supply, breastmilk is the one commodity a mother can't just go out and buy. Spilling? Not an option. Even when the freezer is stuffed with bags and bottles, there's still that thought in the back of a mother's head... "do I have enough?" For mothers who go day in, day out pumping, transferring, storing, freezing, tracking, thawing and finally feeding breastmilk know it's value. It's no wonder they call it liquid gold.

We're out to change the way mothers think about breastmilk. We've been there. We've cried over spilled milk. We've felt the anxiety of having an empty freezer and we know how miserable uncertainty is. That's why we're in this. We're a small, passionate team based in Boulder, Colorado without large funding or a big research lab. We're just a few passionate individuals who want to bring peace of mind to pumping moms

We have a promise. We want to bring mothers only the best. That means custom designing all of our products and never outsourcing production beyond the borders of the U.S. That means bringing the highest standard of development to our app. That means listening to our customers and always being in touch with the needs of mothers. Help us keep true to our promise and we'll commit to making the best product we can.

Our team



Born and raised in Hialeah, FL, Giselle received a BA in anthropology from the University of Florida. Her passion for her community and helping others has led her to a career in health care. She was instrumental in bringing the Milk Stash team together early on and is always trying to find ways to promote better health. On her down time, Giselle enjoys cycling, dancing, and spending time with her family.



Sam was a PhD student in applied math who fell in love with dentistry and started dental school. She's the proud mom of River (the inspiration for this venture), James' better half, and one of our two resident research paper nerds. She's well-informed on all topics breastfeeding from the time she was pumping about 25% of her waking hours. Sam hatched the original idea for Milk Stash and enjoys researching and writing on topics related to breastfeeding and her experience being a mom. Check out her writing in our blog and the answers she has to your Frequently Asked Questions.



Ever since Chris started taking RC cars and hair dryers apart at an early age, he’s had a passion for finding out how things work and how to make them better. He has a BS and an MS in mechanical engineering and has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing and design. When not at work, Chris is either starting a new project, 3D printing, or exploring Colorado.



James has degrees in media arts, computer science and writing. Always driven by a desire to serve, he's an Army veteran who served in Afghanistan and has spent the last 12 years doing tech for startups in education and women's health. When he and Sam had their daughter, he saw another opportunity to really make a difference in people's lives with Milk Stash. When he's not building apps and companies, he likes to go hiking in the mountains of Colorado with his family and host board game nights.



Stanley loves telling stories. So much so, that he joined the world of marketing and visual design to learn how to better communicate with those around him through both words and visuals. After working in corporate america, Stanley decided to take his passions of marketing, healthcare and entrepreneurship into the startup world and help Milk Stash find its voice. When he's not designing websites or writing blog posts, Stanley is either hiking, skiing or taking photos.